Business Partner

DataMars SA, Schweiz

In the field of transponder chips we are already working successfully with DATAMARS in Switzerland together. The guarantees unique chip code can be used just like barcodes identifying the laundry, and also for the identification of hangers in sorting.

deister electronic GmbH

Global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of electronic security and identification solutions. The focus is on RFID (Radio Frequenzy Identification) - the solution for a secure identification.

Dunnewolt + Rahe, Bremen

As provider of laundry technology, our customers look for rail systems, counting devices and garment handouts systems from Dunnewolt + Rahe. AdvanTex includes integrated interfaces for acquisition of detection data from these systems and is prepared for seamless integration in such an environment.

Hänel GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Friedrichshall

Hänel deliver shelf sorting systems, which can be connected via an interface to AdvanTex.

Jensen-Group, Schweden

The JENSEN-GROUP develops and installs single devices, systems and integrated solutions for all areas in the laundry.
JENSEN sorting devices are linked via a standardized interface to the AdvanTex ERP System. This interface is currently running at fourteen plants very successfully.

Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH, Vlotho

Kannegiesser is a leading provider of sorting technique in the laundry sector. Therefore AdvanTex supports the connectivity to these modern sorting device via a standardized interface. This solution is already successfully deployed at several placesis and therefore extremely tested in practice.

Kardex GmbH, Kronberg

Kardex is probably the most widely used high bay storage systems in the laundry market. With about 50 currently connected lockers AdvanTex controls the systems entirely in-house and takes over from the storage strategy to the processing of the warehousing in control of the Kardex cabinets.

KEMAS GmbH, Oberlungwitz

KEMAS sells, beside other products, RFID equiptment and complete solutions for detecting objects of chip coded laundering, such as locks, cabinets or antennas. AdvanTex has with KEMAS already projects successfully implemented.

Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Giessen

We support the integration of the weighing systems of manufacturer Mettler-Toledo, for example, on the basis of weighing terminals ID. 7. With this the washing-lines loading is controlled. The weights are transferred directly into the software and can immediately invoiced to the customer.

Rhewa Waagenfabrik, Mettmann

The scales of Rhewa are connected to AdvanTex and there is an interfaces for the takeover of weighing data.

TAGSYS Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

TAGSYS provides infrastructure systems inter alia for companies in the textile services and commercial laundries. RFID solutions helps to reduce labor costs, reduce inventory and optimize inventory management by automating the textile handling.

Technico, Niederlande

Technico sells Sorting-paternoster solutions, particularly for the retirement home laundry , but also workwear sector. With a bidirectional interface, these products works seamlessly with AdvanTex.


With the Thermotransfer-printers made by Thermopatch we have callected extensive and positive experience.

ThermoTex Nagel GmbH, Schutterwald

In the field of printing patch labels incl. barcodes we have already successfully connected many ThermoTex products. Through the support of the house ThermoTex we generally implement a direct connection of the device, so that a smooth operation and optimal performance are guaranteed. Furthermore ThermoTex offers a wide-ranging product portfolio, which among others things the area of RFID.


RW-Textilservice (Reiniger & Wäscher)

RWTextilservice is the trade magazine for employer and managers in laundries, dry cleaners and textile leasing companies. It is also the official organ of the Austrian textile cleaners, launderers and dyers.

WRP (Wäscherei + Reinigungs | praxis)

WRP is the organ many organizations, such as CINET, ETSA, DTV, FWL, EFIT and the Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege and gives monthly a comprehensive insight in our industry.


Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege e. V.

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