AdvanTex Software

GmbH & Co. KG

The IT sector is one of the fastest changing markets. You can rely on AdvanTex as your software partner. AdvanTex Software is a reliable solution in the ever changing market. The company originally known as ‘Software & Solutions’ was founded in 1997 by Managing Director Stephan Leiwering back in 1997 this became what is now known as ‘AdvanTex Software GmbH & Co. KG’ in early 2003.

All our employees in the development Team are highly trained and skilled in the software development process, either with a Masters in Computer Science or as trained Software Developers. AdvanTex specialises in the laundry market so we know what we are talking about.
Since 1997 we have learnt and developed the software and therefore we see ourselves as consultants, listening to what our clients Need for the ever changing market. We know your business and this is what distinguishes us from the other software providers.

Being part of the laundry market, we strongly cooperate with reputable partners and have a lot of experience with companies like Datamars, Deister, Dürkopp, Dunnewolt+Rahe, Jensen, Kannegiesser, Kardex, LCT, Metalprogetti, Mettler-Toledo, Montanari, Rugtved, Technico, TagSys, Thermopatch, Thermo-Tex, ...only mentioning a few of them.

AdvanTex is available in your own national language and currency. It conforms to different conventions, such as variations in, postal codes, bank account numbers and regional settings. AdvanTex caters for a wide range of customers from the small to the large: for example a local laundry with only a few employees, to a large scale enterprise with hundreds of users. The necessary infrastructure for your individual installation will be planned by our experts using our previous experience and specialist knowledge.

Our philosophy is to understand and treat our customers as long-term partners. This has insured that we have never lost a customer and this is something we are very proud of! One of our biggest aims is to maintain personal dialogue with all our current and future customers.