AdvanTex App Order

Easy solution to take care about the stock of linen

Our AdvanTex App Order is a modern und easy solution to take care about the stock of linen or to capture orders in hospitals and health & care facilities. Old and expensive special devices are no longer needed to fulfil this task, because the AdvanTex App Order is designed to run on low-cost smartphones or tablets that are also a lot easier to integrate into existing infrastructure.

You can use the app in a given customer’s WIFI environment or you can use a simple mobile internet connection which allows a very quick roll-out of this solution. Due to the real life situation on customer side the app is desinged in such a way that no online connection is required for the process of entering the data. The app stores each inventory or order and syncronizes the data to the central system whenever the connection is etablished again, if configured automatically in the background.

To guarantee the best possible overview for the person on customer side each order and inventory can be reviewed in the history.

With the option to configure TeamViewer as an integrated tool, we guarantee an easy support model in case of issues on customer side.