AdvanTex App Service Driver

Handle the complete route with the Smartphone!

Our mobile solutions complete the AdvanTex product range with built in valuable add-ons.

  • Driver support
  • Sales Support
  • Inventory Registration f.e. in hospitals
  • Mobile expendition
  • Locker & compartment control

All these tools share one characteristic: They help you to save a lot of paper. This preserves our environment & creates well structured processes. It makes your procedures as efficient as possible as data is registered electronically and directly available to all relevant parties.

Our AdvanTex App Service Driver converts the driver’s smart phone into an extremely powerful tool which allows the driver to operate the route completely.

This support starts already during the loading of thevehicle by giving the driver important advice shown on screen directly after choosing the trip. The loading of containers requires a scan to confirm each single container. This ensures no container is forgotten again, because the trip cannot start, until everything has been finished. AdvanTex App Service Driver directs the driver to the customers on his stop list and provides additionally the opportunity to get further information like: Opening hours, contact person, telephone number etc. of each customer.

To guarantee easy and effective usability, the system provides a checklist to the driver, which Shows exactly what to do at each customer: Unloading containers, loading redelivered containers, delivering mats & towel rolls with simultaneous registration of delivered amounts. Capturing of the customer’s signature to proof the delivery, register the payment of a customer, who pays cash, all these tasks can easily be done via the AdvanTex App Service Driver. Even inexperienced drivers feel comfortable with AdvanTex App Service Driver, because of its intuitive ease of operation.

All collected data is transferred to the central AdvanTex system as soon the data connection is available, so typically while the driver is still on the road, otherwise when the device reaches the main office. The captured signatures would automatically be sent out to the customer by E-mail, will be printed as an attachment to the invoice as proof of delivery or presented to the customer in the AdvanTex Web Portal.

The container information is transferred into the central container database, so you can generate reports such as “Which containers have not been seen for long time?” and can also be used to charge a leasing fee for containers that have not moved in quite a while.

The invoicing module is automatically updated with the delivered amounts and the messages the driver keyed in at customer-site will directly be transferred via workflow to the responsible customer service staff.

In addition to this you will have full knowledge about the times the drivers need to service each individual customer. This is indispensable information for route optimizations that is very difficult to collect without mobile device support.