Dirt Trap Mats & Washroom Service

This module is suitable for all products you would like to serve to your customer in a certain frequency from your pool stock. Usually the customer doesn’t have to order in advance.

The most common types of products are for example dirt trap mats, towel rolls, air fresheners, soaps, etc. You can define a list of articles per delivery address with a delivery or exchange frequency and the quantity you would like to deliver.

Via a calendar tool you can easily define standard frequencies like “weekly”, “fortnightly” or “every 4 weeks”, but of course special frequencies, like “weekly at winter times and every 4 weeks during the summer” are possible.

Major customers normally have many locations your driver has to visit at one certain address. To guarantee a secure delivery the customer service can configure a list of locations including the visit order. The driver then gets each single location listed on the delivery note or on a mobile device. Via this information even temporary drivers have no problem serving the customers in reasonable time.

Automatically AdvanTex generates the delivery and loading papers. With loading information the driver gets in advance the quantities per item and special instructions they have to follow. Seasonal articles will be configured in advance; on these grounds the driver loads always the correct amount of products. Different frequencies at summer time or during the winter can be invoiced at constant prices or with prices per individual rhythm.

If you would like to offer your customer an inclusive quantity of consumables, for example if the customer gets a fixed number of towel rolls for free (included in the fee of the device) you only have to enter this amount in the system. AdvanTex takes care of the correct invoicing.

  • Different prices per frequency
  • Delivery interruptions due to holidays with or without an ongoing invoicing
  • Seasonal patterns in frequency
  • Structured list of locations
  • Automatically generated delivery papers per day/route
  • Driver advised of cancellations or first deliveriesch
  • Rental fees for devices or mats
  • Inclusive consumables per month or year
  • Inventory management at customer site