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Textile Controlling:

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Flat Linen Leasing & Hospital Service

In this module, you define an address for dispatch with a list of articles with their individual integral parts. AdvanTex takes stock of the deliveries and the receipt of goods, to the customers, optionally with RFID technology.

It is not necessary to count all the receipts of goods in AdvanTex. When the customer receives a fixed mount of goods an inventory is made only once a week. In the case of an individual order, you may give the data separately, therefore you have the control of the total return of goods. Often, customers will have returned exactly the same amount of goods as delivered, in this case, you may get benefit from using RFID technology or counting device interfaces.

Additionally, you have the option to make an inventory with the help of the AdvanTex App Order. It is installed on simple android phones which sends the data via the Internet to the laundry. Our Internet portal can also be used to record the number of customer orders (further information in following chapters). Fixed supplying quantity can be defined using different methods. The most obvious way is to record the exact quantity of items delivered per weekday. There are also templates where you may define standard quantities and daily factors. Both approaches can be adapted when public holiday requirements affect demand.

The process mentioned above, creates a packing slip that lists the outstanding delivery quantities. The packing slip is labelled with a barcode to speed up is identification. When the supplied quantity has been completed, the full delivery note can be produced.

AdvanTex performs internal checks to highlight possible anomalies i.e. when there is a large difference between the quantity from one week to another, or quantities do not correspond to packaging units.

By using the control screen, the production manager is kept informed about the latest status of production. This form is the crux of all functions concerning flat linen.

If additional articles and or increasing amounts of laundry is requested for special events, then these can be calculated and kept track of separately. To get the weight of the laundry, scales can be connected, therefore, you can either record the articles individually or per article group.

AdvanTex keeps you informed about all your containers. You get an overview of the actual number of containers that are in possession of the customers as well as those that have not been exchanged for a while.

In the textile control, you are able to compare quantities, weights and turnovers using different screens. It will also allow you to be informed of daily care costs.