Increasing Charts –
one click and you make the cash tills ring


After the implementation of AdvanTex in your company, knowing all relevant data about your customers and the terms of the contract, then the actual invoicing is merely a formality.

AdvanTex differentiates between two pricing factors, the cost of renting and leasing, and the price of processing or washing. Both price structures can be used for all products and can be combined.

The price of processing is calculated on the quantity of items that have been cleaned. AdvanTex charges for cumulative quantity of delivered clothes in a certain accounting period. Thus, the invoicing of flat linen is calculated at the end of each month according to the delivered amount of goods.

The invoicing process is generally done automatically. All relevant data will have already been captured in the administration process and taken into consideration automatically. Discounts can be applied on various levels, for example, fixed prices, minimum quantity of goods exchanged, pricing components based on the days of care in Hospital, or special price reductions for certain one off deliveries.

When the invoices have been printed or send electronically supplementary information can be attached, and the invoice amounts can automatically be transferred to the accounting department.

  • Automatic invoice run for of a single or all customers together via one touch of a button
  • Extensive possibilities of adjustments like:

    • 4/4/5 weeks leasing per month
    • Fixed amount of weeks or months per invoice
    • Charging for finished quantities of goods (delivery notes) in a period of time
    • Possibility of invoicing leasing in advance
    • Possibility of quarterly invoicing

  • Budget (fixed price) statements of accounts, if requested with/without presentation of real costs
  • Discounts per Product group or type of revenue (leasing or non-leasing)
  • Definition of customer cost centres with details on the invoice
  • Single or summarised invoices or both
  • Invoicing to different billing addresses
  • Invoice layouts configurable per customer
  • Automatic print out or e-mailing of invoice and invoice attachments; every customer can have up to 50 attached reports.
  • Invoices may be attached to the delivery note
  • Manual creation of invoices/credits with or without reference to articles or delivery notes
  • Definition of reasons of credits for analysis
  • Interfaces to external printing services and to folding and enveloping machines.
  • Interfaces to accounting systems

    • Transfer of invoice amounts (Debtor-debit balance)
    • Import of outstanding payments
    • Transfer of customer information, including banking information and conditions of payment.n

  • XML-Import and Export of Invoices
  • Invoicing via EDI
  • Interfaces to document management systems to archive invoices