Perfect traceability
because every resident would like to sleep in their own night clothes

Retirement Home Laundry

When preparing the retirement home laundry, AdvanTex offers a module that allows the exact labelling of the clothes by the use of Barcode-/Data-Matrix-Code or Transponder-Chip. The reading in and out of the parts leads to an exact keeping track of the goods and allows practical lists indicating behind scheduled ware. These support the internal process. If requested, it is possible to inform the customer on the delivery note about his outstanding invoices in different detailing grades.

New single parts can be recorded with additional information like the laundry process, way of delivery (hanging or horizontal) or notes on existent damages on receipt of goods. How the articles will be put in can be decided by means of free configurable touchscreens.

In general, the outgoing goods are sorted into shelves. While doing this, AdvanTex takes over the intelligent administration of them. Additionally, there are interfaces to the sorting systems like for example the sorting of laundry to the different compartments with the help of lights or rolling shelf systems.
If requested, AdvanTex takes over the establishment of Lots (sizes of production) that fit to the amount of compartments when sorting out the laundry later on. By this, it is guaranteed already when giving in the laundry that there are no subsequent problems with the output of the ware.

When a new resident is recorded into the system, AdvanTex automatically reports that an identically person or one with a similar name is available. This is to prevent that a registration is made twice. In case a resident does not wish a chemical laundry or reparation, it can be marked in the main resident data. For invoicing the costs of the goods’ labelling, different possibilities are available: one price per unit or one, in advance estimated, amount for the resident. Furthermore, patch marks can be established in advance and be handed over to the retirement home which are put in by themselves. With the first receipt of goods, the only outstanding step is the allocation of the articles. Also the first delivery of laundry sacks can be automatized.

The homes can be documented/recorded by dividing them into separate stations and can be flexible invoiced either as collective or single. Several kinds of invoicing can be defined for each customer: these determine the part of the amount that has to be paid by the home or customer. For example it can be fixed, that the home pays for the underwear and the resident takes over the costs for the overgarments and patchcosts. Every resident gets his fixed rule so that with this procedure all combinations are covered. All costs that have ccurred per resident are broken down in an invoice indicating who has to pay for it. For this, more than 10 retirement home laundry-specific attachments for invoices are available that are automatically generated for each customer, if requested. Furthermore, this module supports the invoicing via Budgets. Herewith, the resident’s share can either be covered by the budget or invoiced separately.

AdvanTex allows to invoice directly to the residents or their relatives. In that case AdvanTex automatically generates a hidden customer via that one the turnover is transferred to the financial Accounting system. Instead of dealing with all the data input yourself you simply specify a bank account number for automatic payment and AdvanTex handles the rest. Like this it is a piece of cake!

Also there is a feature to indicate residents as “short term residents”. These residents are not patched permanently and can be invoiced with higher Prices as they typically spend only a few weeks in the retirement home. If they should afterwards move into a long term section of the home you can easily re-use the existing data.