Always well connected –
AdvanTex fits to your company

Scalability of the Installation

Our consultants will recommend the best solution for your company after a review of your company’s structure. AdvanTex can be installed in a variety of ways. For this, it is absolutely essential to get as much information at the start, for example, the amount of users as well as the quantity of sites that belong to the company. The easiest situation is when there is only one site. The installation of AdvanTex would look, as described in the picture below.

The workstations are attached directly to the local network on which also the AdvanTex server as well as the database server are installed. Depending on the size of the database These two can be running on one single machine.

The next level of installation is when a company has more than one site. A large number of sites is not a problem as just one of the sites is assigned the central role, this does not necessarily have to be the Head Office. It could be chosen as ‘central’ because of hosting the biggest number of users or because it already holds the servers.

As the number of installations increase, a local database is set up to provide a backup to survive a line break down to keep the production processes operational.
This local database additionally serves as an online interface to the sorting device and guarantees the high performance that is required in real-time processing. This method is used by both Kannegiesser and Jensen systems. Both systems have been fine tuned over the last 10 years and are heavily used throughout our customer base.