Customer or Management:
Everyone gets exactly the information they need


AdvanTex offers as standard over 400 reports covering all areas of the system. Simple lists are generally to be found on the corresponding screens so that they are quickly accessable where you would expect them. The majority of the information is presented via the corresponding dash boards.
More detailed analyses are to be found in the menu Management-Information-System (MIS) summarised by subject in corresponding folders.

No doubt you may have already received requests for additional information which is additional to your normal invoices. For this purpose, AdvanTex offers over 90 attachments to the invoice which can be activated as requested per individual customer. These attachments can either be sent automatically with the customer‘s paper-invoice, or be e-mailed to them together with the invoice.

While all attachments can be sent as pdf files, more data intensive attachments can be generated as csv’s. Pdf reports can sent via e-mail or as a print-out.

Much of the productivity, sales and merchandise management analysis is predefined, but as users have their own personal requirements AdvanTex offers the functionality to create their own reports.
There is the possibility to create user defined reports. These are no different in terms of functionality from the standard reports that are included in AdvanTex and are based on the structured query language SQL. Either your IT-department can create these queries or our experts will do this based on your requests.

Queries can be created which have many parameters. For example, you can create a query that lists all cancelled contracts of a certain period of time and at a certain branch. These reports can be simple lists or much more complicated calculations. To demonstrate the complexity of the tools we have created the “customer post calculation” using the user defined reports. This report evaluates the internal costs for preparation and depreciation of clothes, and sales. As a result, relative and absolute profit margin can be ascertained.

The result will be presented in a grid view in AdvanTex and may be saved as a spreadsheet in Excel as well as in a many other file formats for further processing. Alternatively, you can use the integrated report designer to tailor the appearance of the report. Using this tool, you can add headings, calculate subtotals or group by different fields. Also these results can be printed or sent as a pdf file.

Indicators (KPIs) can be defined that are extremely flexible. You define the dimensions and time scale of the indicators and AdvanTex builds up a data cube with these settings. A comfortable graphical analysis tool allows even untrained users to easily analyze the data and report figures based on these indicators.

Should you have other data requirements, we are sure that AdvanTex is the correct choice as the database behind our software can be connected to a lot of solutions as well as being integrated into business intelligence systems such as QlikView.