A healthy business:
Operation “efficient Surgical Textile Service”

Sterile and non-sterile Surgical textiles

For this sensitive sector, AdvanTex has its own sterile & non-sterile surgical textile solution that fulfils any request.

The single parts (clothes/scarfs for operation) are labelled with a clear code (bar code or transponder chip) to easily keep track of the clothes. Afterwards they are recorded with details on the supplier and charges into AdvanTex. From here on, AdvanTex takes over the responsibility of the clothes’ delivery, in which set they are sent and to whom they are delivered to at what time.

The planning of the packaging orders either can depend on the articles or on the customers. For this, AdvanTex prints the labels for the sets individually or in advance, as expected.

The defined parts lists in AdvanTex clearly illustrate the packing procedure and allow, besides an necessary order, the definition of spare parts. Also nonlabelled goods/ware can be integrated into the sets. Hereby, the packaging module continually has to be optimized so that today efficient work is combined with the necessary security.
All steps that have been undertaken in the procedure are exactly documented in order to easily retrace the person that packed the set and how it was sterilized.
When sterilizing, the sets can be scanned directly from the interim storage to the customer with the help of AdvanTex App Order on the PDA.

AdvanTex knows the best-before date of each set and reminds the customer on time to use these sets next. In case of sets with exceeded best-before dates, they are recalled as they are not allowed to be used anymore.

Every eliminated part will be exactly documented indicating the reasons for the elimination. This data is recorded for analyses on the life span or proposals for orders.

Optionally, you can give in receipts of goods, run quality controls, record repairs and rewashes as well as document impregnations. All these items are clearly listed in the piece’s history.

  • Sterile and non-sterile hospital service
  • Packaging in respect to customers’ demands or requests on all sets
  • Anonymous or customer related packaging
  • Support of 5 alternative articles per set position
  • Documentation of the sets per sterilecharge and sterilizer
  • Proof/documentation of the used single parts per unit/set
  • Extreme efficient surgical control room
  • Free configurable print-out of labels directly out of AdvanTex
  • All possibilities of requirements used in flat linen plus possibility of ordering by used sets
  • Optional recording of single parts when laundry is finished
  • Quality control including the proof of the sterilized or impregnated amount of ware
  • Documentation of sterilized/non-sterilized charges
  • Documentation of unsterilized single sets expedition of the sets by scanning the labels together with the packing slip of the customer via AdvanTex or AdvanTex App Order (PDA)
  • Statistics of product’s lifecycle