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Transport and Logistics

AdvanTex has a lot to offer regarding vehicles and logistics. On a daily basis customers and suppliers information can be easily kept up to date. Deliveries on several days per week are not a problem, all modules support these routes as well as the sequence within the routes.

For example, it is possible to create a new address of dispatch that includes certain conditions for transportation, for example, workwear which have to be transported on Monday and a Thursday by the driver Mr. Smith must take into consideration that the clothes which were picked up on Monday have to be delivered on Thursday, and the clothes collected on Thursday have to be delivered on Monday.

Other laundry at this address transported by another driver Mr. Jones, may be delivered less regularly. Additionally, AdvanTex records the opening hours for all delivery/collection points.

To make optimum use of vehicle usage it is important to ensure all master data is accurate. To make optimum use of vehicle usage it is important to ensure all master data is accurate. In doing this AdvanTex is informed about which driver you employ, and which cars you have available and at which locations. By choosing a different site for „processing“ and „delivery“ you can nicely define cases where the customer is not directly delivered from the processing unit but via a depot to the final customer. Each week, fixed routes can be adapted to allow for changes, for example caused by increase in deliveries or additional one time deliveries.

All drop off/ collection points on a route can be easily printed in a well organised manner. These include:

  • Delivery notes
  • Work orders (installations, etc.)
  • Disposal lists for mats and clean room garments
  • Logbooks
  • All documents sent for collection
  • Lists of containers that have to be changed
  • Customs declarations

To avoid paper stuff the AdvanTex App Service driver running on smartphones (further information on following pages) is an optimal Add-On to the AdanTex ERP. For each route, the delivery times and distances can be easily determined. To create optimum vehicle usage, we AdvanTex offers an optional module Google Maps Integration. Goolge Maps in AdvanTex helps you to get an overview of your trips and routes via integrated maps. For example to schedule new customers, a map with all routes and stops near to the new customer are shown. With this functionality the user can easily decide which route he has to choose.
Additionally to this it is possible to use external optimization tools for example from ORTEC. With these tools you can plan routes in greater detail. The actual routes are looked at in greater detail, therefore the saving potential of transportation costs are increased.