Warehouse and Purchasing

A lot of laundries represent themselves as Textile Service Companies and offer their customers leasing. This creates high stock keeping costs as well as high capital commitment. Ideally this should be managed simply, and it is absolutely essential to have a good stock control system.

Luckily, AdvanTex is prepared for different kinds of stock-keeping. It can manage the stock not only by quantity, but it also does it much more in detail. AdvanTex informs you precisely, which products are available, their age, residual value, and how they have been treated/cleaned.
You are able to spread out the products to different sites and AdvanTex informs you where any product is at any time. AdvanTex allows you to integrate a high bay storage systems, for example Kardex. AdvanTex can also replace the Kardex own software and has direct access to the bays which leads to an extremely efficient procedure for the handling of stock.

All that is required is that you define the amount of different stocks which are needed. In the simplest of cases, you only have new and used wares. In other cases there are the customers own stocks or consignment stores. No matter what, AdvanTex is able to easily settle supplier invoices.

Using the pick lists, customer service is informs about any stock requirements. It records new orders, as for example a new wearer or a change in size then AdvanTex organises completes all the steps to provide the warehouse with the picking list. The receipts will be written when the ware is in stock and a complete order can be processed. All information needed for the warehouse is included, for example a description of how to attach name badges and emblems, or notes on abbreviations.

Besides the administration of the warehouse, AdvanTex covers everything regarding procurement. Thus, stock will be refilled automatically when there is not enough to fulfill the orders. Furthermore, you are able to define the minimum and maximum of the shelf levels and create automatic orders up to twice a week. There is also the possibility to give in orders manually.

With AdvanTex the administration of the suppliers, confirmation of orders, and the receipt of goods is possible. It also consequently sends out reminders to the suppliers, if needed and allows the customer service and production to have a well structured overview of purchases.

  • Centralized article and customer base for all modules
  • All articles can be defined either as outbound, not deliverable or as totally inactive
  • Administration of alternative suppliers
  • Different warehouse options
  • Freely definable ways of stock keeping
  • Various ways of creating orders
  • Proposal list for purchasing based on stock and history
  • Control of orders and receipt of goods
  • Monitoring/verification of the minimum order quantity per article, the size, the supplier, and the packaging unit
  • Capable of manual pricing
  • Retracing placed orders including pricing trends and overview of delivery times
  • Automatic calculation of delivery times per item
  • Exchanges and stock returns
  • Pick lists to control stock processes
  • Automatic printing of patch labels in user definable layouts (ThermoTex, ThermoPatch, Logomatic, etc.)
  • Several sites may share a warehouse
  • Integration of the warehouse system Kardex in AdvanTex
  • Sell directly from stock (Administration of an agent’s warehouse for samples)
  • Group new orders to improve the delivery
  • Various methods of stock taking (counting, scanning)
  • Evaluate the warehouse (the today or historically)
  • Present statistics regarding stock variances
  • Spread warehouse orders over the warehouses for better availability
  • Dynamic min/max planning tool
  • Electronic data transfer for orderingprocess (EDI)