Waistband-jackets or overalls – we support more than 1,200,000 employees with size XS - 6XL


Especially in this area AdvanTex is very strongly represented, with installations of a total of about 1,200,000 employers lease their workwear (figures accurate as of April 2016).

The processing of workwear takes a great deal of effort and is very expensive to handle. Every item of clothing is uniquely identified with a barcode or transponder-chip so it can be tracked. Customers with individual requirements or complaints are part of the daily tasks a laundry has to deal with. These functions are well catered for using AdvanTex.

With regards to workwear, the wearer is the key. Every single employee of the customers has a delivery-address where their garments shall be sent to or collected from. Additionally cost centres can be defined to link wearers, these cost centres are shown separately on the invoice. The system automatically generates the wearer’s identification numbers and every number can be changed manually as long as they are unique. Alternatively, customers own personal identification numbers can be used in addition to the laundry‘s internal wearer number.

To speed up the input and eliminate mistakes, the system allows the definition of standardised equipmentsets for the wearers: for example an equipmentset for a full-time worker in steel construction includes three pairs of dungarees and three jackets.

During the ‘new wearer’ process, you only have to choose the equipment set and to key in the sizes needed. Within the article master data, you can add changes to any article you like. These changes may be garment alterations like the shortening of trousers, or modifications such as sewing on handy bags.

For each customer article it can be defined whether is provided with or without name tag/emblem. The definition of the emblems itself if it should be on the chest, back or both. AdvanTex keeps the name tags and emblems in its own area with specialised Support of purchasing. Furthermore the image of emblems can be saved in the system and if requested, they can be also shown during production as well as on the supplier’s order form.

Ingredients to success:
A proper job and reliable software

Per delivery-address AdvanTex administrates its own list of lockers including its compartments. If a new wearer has been created, AdvanTex automatically asks which empty compartment the wearer should be linked to, in case the customer requests locker service.
For subcontractors, AdvanTex can split lockers between several customers. For invoicing the value can be calculated either by the amount of filled compartments or by the quantity of complete lockers. Also an additional charge per item may be recorded for the individual sorting and locker service.

In doing so, AdvanTex places value on integrated processes. This means, you only have to inform AdvanTex about your request and it leads you directly through the process for example when there is a change in the wearers size, you only need to use the ‘size change’ function . The needed information for this either will be requested by the user itself (choice of the next size) or is taken from customer specific settings (extra charge).

Examples of similar functions are, wastage exchange, increase and decrease, changes of article or size, wearer or article cancellation, following article, change of locker, delivery address or customer and of course the registration of new wearer. Furthermore it is possible to suspend wearers or put them on “free of charge” for as long as necessary.

Dependent on where the items are scanned, AdvanTex delivers 2 different inward scan and 4 different outward scan options. These depend on the corresponding requests as to whether the garments have to be scanned in on the clean or soil side, or whether the garments need to be sorted or not.

AdvanTex has established extensive interfaces with the two leading suppliers Kannegiesser and Jensen to secure the complete control of productions in conjunction the AdvanTex system. AdvanTex interfaces with these sorting devices when certain daily levels are reached.

Thus, AdvanTex usually takes over the inspection station and replaces the device suppliers own software. No matter the supplier, the AdvanTex inspection station is standardised and has direct access to the whole AdvanTex data. This leads to a much faster handling of customer requests online. Feedback therefore can easily be given via the inspection station.

Repairs can be recordedand charged to the customer and may be used for further analyses, if requested. A detailed display of prompts allows users to react to individual requests and events. For example, when a customer requests a change, AdvanTex automatically prompts: ‘Please exchange patch label due to customer change!’.

AdvanTex delivers interfaces for garment handouts which become more and more common, especially for larger companies as in the health care industry. The most popular central hand-out system are LCT, Berendsen Unimat and Kannegiesser DCS. Common Locker device system are supplied by Deister, Kemas & Texxeo.

Details of workwear is available for your customers via our Internet portal, where the customer is able to track their items all the way down to individual items.