AdvanTex Garment Flow Control

Modern way to manage pool garments

With the Garment Flow Control solution from AdvanTex you have the pool garment for workwear perfectly under control.

The web-based solution allows the use in the cloud or locally at a customer or oneself hosted. It is therefore flexible to your requirements

The smart lockers and return units can be connected with various providers and enable the interface to the employees on site to the AdvanTex ERP 8. 
An app to query this data is also planned. 

The Pool solutions have already established themselves in the health care system. A central space has often been equipped with conveyor technology and is connected via an output and return unit. The smart locker solutions have many advantages, as they are e.g. easier to set up in small.

The sequence is as follows: the employees identify themselves with their chip card at the cabinet, normally the cards can be used, which are already available for the staff for time recording, access control or other systems. At this moment, a check is made whether the card has been blocked and whether there is any merchandise in the cabinet that is to be accessed by the employee. In positive case, the AdvanTex solution gives the command to open the cabinet, which is then unlocked. Now, the employee can pick up his parts. This is one of the advantages of the system, since the dwell time at the cabinets can be reduced. After the cabinet has been closed, a fully automatic inventory is made based on the UHF RFID technology, and all missing parts are booked to the employee. If he has exceeded his rate, different actions can be configured, for e.g. blocking of the card.

By reading the parts in the return units, the employee is relieved and new parts can be removed.

The touch-based info screens, developed by AdvanTex, enable employees to keep themselves informed about the current status of their rates, or the availability of textiles of their size. If e.g. in a cabinet the appropriate size is not available, it is shown to you in which other cabinet this size is still available. The identification at these terminals is also possible via the employee card. In future, there will also be an app that makes this information available to each individual carrier.

The data required for the application such as individual parts with chip numbers, employee lists, etc. can also take place directly in the central AdvanTex ERP 8. This automatically synchronize the data in the background with „AdvanTex Garment Flow Control“, so the storage always work on the current data. Blockages of employees or personnel cards grab directly.