AdvanTex Web-Portal

Now the customer is really the king.

Via the optional Internet Portal your customers can get active themselves. Independent of the type of service where the user can query or modify data.

24/7 the user may communicate interactively with you, but you still control the changes. Every essential modification is automatically transferred into the AdvanTex system but needs to be confirmed by your customer service staff to process the data.

This procedure is to avoid incidents like an order of a test wearer “Mickey Mouse”, with eleven pieces of one article in size XXXXL which would lead to extra costs as the consistent AdvanTex process would directly generate a purchase order to your supplier. But don’t worry! Your customer service has to just to allow or disallow the customer modification with one click. The customer can easily follow the progress and the actual status in the portal.

In rental garment business the customer can query the wearer list, see all detailed information of one wearer or modify the quantity of their articles. Additionally to this they have the opportunity to do standard routines like size or article changes. Also the user can simply make adjustments to individual pieces and can create lists of cancelled pieces that still need to be returned to the laundry. If your customer employs new wearers they doesn’t have to call you, they can directly add or cancel wearers via the portal. This reduces the problems of incorrectly spelt names.

The AdvanTex web portal provides similar functionality for retirement homes. The responsible person can add or cancel residents online but also they may modify the room, station, or costcenter of existing residents. If residents have questions regarding their clothes, the nurse can easily query information about the single items which gives them the option to clarify the problem immediately with the resident.

Flat linen customers may dispatch there orders directly in the web portal or key in the amount from their inventories. Based on the entered data, a production order is generated in the central AdvanTex System. No one needs to key in lots of paper orders which saves time and reduces mistakes. If necessary the customer would be able to change his fixed delivery amounts on his own.

Of course you decide which functionality and data each individual webportal user is allowed to see or use. For example sensitive information like return quotas can be hidden for most users and you can enable critical functionality step by step for special web-user.

Use our Demo-Portal under, to get an Impression of the possibilities.