Advantex ERP 9


What the users see from a piece of software is first and foremost theirs user interface. Here, AdvanTex appears modern and tidy with a modern Windows application: Everything looks immediately familiar, which not least reduces the training costs to a minimum and allows an extremely short familiarization phase.

Users who are already familiar with applications such as Microsoft Office or other standard Windows applications will become familiar find your way around quickly.

AdvanTex uses the same in all masks Shortcut keys for standard tasks such as creating, changing and deleting data as well as saving and canceling; the same applies to print and table functions.

The most important commands are directly accessible via icons, everything else is clearly arranged in the menu. For production there is special menus of 10, which allow easy selection of up to 10 menu items (by touchscreen if desired). Of course, you can adapt and freely define all of this yourself.

AdvanTex always requires one User login, which can be automated if desired. After that, AdvanTex restricts the interface to the functions that have been released for the user. You can carry out this type of configuration yourself after a very short time: This not only gives you a tidy system that does not represent more than the respective user needs, but also prevents the unintentional execution of actions and ensures the protection of your data from unauthorized access.

All table representations in AdvanTex can be accessed via the context menu (right mouse button) with just one click directly in Excel be opened. So if an evaluation is not possible directly with AdvanTex, you can always export the data to Excel (or any other spreadsheet). We can export to .csv, .xml and .html formats just as directly.

In the table view, you can sort (forwards/backwards) by simply clicking on the column headings, which also applies to the Sorting across multiple columns includes. You can change the column order, width and sort order and save them permanently if you wish. Just hide the columns you don't need, or bring important columns further to the front.

The one used so often in Excel Auto Filter is integrated into AdvanTex in an even more user-friendly manner. Simply right-click on a column heading and AdvanTex will show the list of occurring values ​​for you to choose from, and AdvanTex will automatically filter for them - even in multiple columns at the same time.

For all reports - whether one of the more than 300 reports supplied or evaluations created via the "User-defined reports" module - we use an extreme powerful report designer, which allows you all options for the optical processing of the data. All supplied reports can also be adapted to your individual needs.

AdvanTex is multi-tenant. But that alone is often not the decisive factor. Because if you have two companies that are closely interlinked, then you don't want two completely separate clients.

In this case, AdvanTex even allows any number of companies to be managed in one client. Here it is necessary to check in each individual case which model suits your situation better and how AdvanTex should be configured by our consultants.

In AdvanTex you can also Open windows multiple times. For example, if you want to compare two customers with each other, just open the customer base twice and place the two masks next to each other. This work is much more pleasant than starting a software twice.

AdvanTex has one intelligent search mask, which makes it much easier to find data. Whether full-text search, search as a combination of several fields or the provisional hit list after entering just a few characters: with this solution you will quickly find the right one. And if not, you can continue searching with just one click, without having to retype everything.

Last but not least, we supply AdvanTex with a printed user manual out. Here your employees will find almost 850 pages of extensive information about the software, but also about typical business requirements. As you read, you will notice that we are from your industry!

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