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We are proud of what we have implemented together with our long-standing customers and what we push forward every day. 
That is why all our customers are reference customers. Some are listed here as examples with a statement. 

"The latest RFID technology and millions of associated textile bookings are managed perfectly with AdvanTex!"
Ansgar Koehler
Head of Textile Management, Vivantes Service GmbH, Berlin
"AdvanTex is our strategic partner in Australia, enabling us to be more efficient and manage our business in better ways."
Adrian Pelliccia
CleanPro Work Place Services Pty Ltd. Perth, Australia
AdvanTex: "Can't do it" doesn't exist! This makes work fun every day.
Petra Gaul
Head of Back Office Trossingen, CWS Workwear Germany
"Always one step ahead of the market... AdvanTex convinced me!"
Burkhard Glosemeyer
Managing Director, Glosemeyer Textile Service, Osnabrück
"We have never regretted switching to AdvanTex. The software and service are right here."
Ortwin Hoeller
Managing Director, Wilhelm Wulff GmbH, Munster
"AdvanTex, well thought out from A to Z!"
Lia van Helvert
Head of Residents' Laundry Kampschulte GmbH & Co. KG, Soest
"Thanks to AdvanTex we were able to grow so quickly"
Managing Director Miettex Service Meess, St. Augustin

Success Story

ERP system successfully converted to AdvanTex

The rental textile service specialist SALESIANER MIETTEX from Austria has successfully introduced the AdvanTex ERP system from the manufacturer of the same name, AdvanTex Software, in all of its 26 locations.

"After the takeover of the Wozabal group of companies in 2018, the question arose as to which ERP platform SALESIANER should rely on in the future", Mag. Thomas Krautschneider, Managing Partner of the Salesianer Group, can still remember it well. At that time, an ERP implementation project had been running at SALESIANER for several years, and the textile rental company was not making the progress that was expected.  At the same time, it was observed how satisfied the Wozabal companies that had been taken over were with their supplier AdvanTex.

“We have not regretted this decision – on the contrary:
it couldn't have gone better.”

In 2019, SALESIANER then decided to rely on AdvanTex ERP for the entire group, including various apps from the AdvanTex product family. "We have not regretted this decision - on the contrary: it could not have gone better." Thomas Krautschneider draws his extremely satisfied conclusion.

The inhomogeneous software landscape was to be converted to AdvanTex ERP in the planned project period of around three years. In addition to the system of the
previous ERP project and the AdvanTex system of the Wozabal Group, two different solutions developed externally by the foreign companies or acquired through acquisitions are to be replaced across all business areas. Where necessary, process differences should be harmonized without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

"The migration of the data from the old systems is that
A and O of an ERP implementation"

First of all, the existing processes were examined and necessary in a requirements analysis, which was carried out by AdvanTex in various workshops together with the SALESIANER departments Additional developments identified. Subsequently, these "gaps" were closed by the AdvanTex development team according to priority and in coordination with the overall project plan, while the data conversion began at the same time.

"The migration of data from the old systems is the be-all and end-all of an ERP implementation," says Nils Poll, project manager at AdvanTex, who implemented the data conversion in automated and iterative project modules. “This approach has proven to be very efficient. Our experts from the departments checked these migrations and then coordinated the result with Mr. Poll, so the data transfer was perfect when it went live,” reports Petra Peischl, IT manager of the SALESIANER Group.

The first locations were converted at the end of 2019. Other companies followed, and by the end of 2021 all Austrian locations were already able to work successfully with AdvanTex.
The SALESIANER Group has a central warehouse in St. Pölten (Austria) from which the clothing items are set up and the Austrian and foreign locations are supplied.

“The central warehouse is one of the most important parts of the company. If it's here
If there are problems, our entire business feels it.”

During the project, the scope was expanded and essential central warehouse and procurement processes, which were originally intended to remain in the SAP MM module, were also transferred to AdvanTex ERP in order to better map them and to achieve a significantly deeper process integration of the central warehouse with the associated company parts . “The central warehouse is one of the most important parts of the company. If there are problems here, our entire business will feel it. We are glad that we were able to integrate this module into the ERP system without interruption," explains Petra Peischl.

 "We are happy to have a supplier and partner at our side in AdvanTex,
with which we will master future challenges"

“In an ERP project of this magnitude, unforeseen things always occur. Good project planning and coordination, both on the supplier side and within the company, is extremely important here. The cooperation with the SALESIANER project management and all those involved in the project was always extremely professionally structured and characterized by a spirit of partnership,” says Andreas Krümberg, Managing Director of AdvanTex Software.

Mag. Thomas Krautschneider is also happy about the successful ERP project: "Based on our experiences from previous projects, we were very sensitized at the beginning of a good start with AdvanTex  to accomplish. Thanks to the successful cooperation with AdvanTex, the project could be implemented both on schedule and on budget - and this despite corona restrictions. We are happy to have AdvanTex as a supplier and partner with whom we can master future challenges and continue on our innovative path.”


Petra Peischl

IT management of the SALESIANER group

Thomas Krautschneider

Managing partner of the SALESIANER Group

Nils Poll

Project manager at AdvanTex

Andreas Kruemberg

Managing Director at AdvanTex

The SALESIANER Group is an Austrian family business and has been offering the highest quality in laundry services and rental textiles for over 100 years and is particularly well represented in the regions of Austria, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. At 26 locations, the SALESIANER Group with more than 3.000 employees processes around 500 tons of laundry per day.

AdvanTex Software GmbH & Co. KG from Rheine in Münsterland is a leading provider of software products for the laundry and textile service sector. AdvanTex, with its 30 employees, has been developing and selling its solutions for 25 years, primarily in German-speaking and European countries.

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